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Zoo days are here again

The weather has been unbelievable as of late. On Tuesday, with temperatures reaching near 60, Calvin and I spent our day at the Detroit Zoo. This is the best time of the year for the zoo—if you don't mind the occasional mating dance, the animals are the most active in the spring before the heat has set in but after the cold has passed, and the zoo is uncrowded yet warm enough to enjoy. I think this is the first time that Calvin and I have gone to the zoo as just the two of us, and I think it might become our favorite new weekday activity. At least until the schools get out, that is.

The otter was sleeping. I think I have about a dozen other pictures just like this.

The female tiger was busy. Jon and I remember the year she was born—the year we first joined the ranks of zoo membership, six years ago.

The peacock joined us for our picnic lunch, even though we didn't share.

And we took the time to stop in the butterfly house on our way out of the park. We don't usually hit any of the indoor attractions, but now that we have our own butterfly garden at home Calvin thought we might get some pointers from the zoo's butterfly garden, so we stopped. So beautiful.

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