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In like a...lamb?

On Sunday this past weekend I watched Jon dress the kid in his full winter regalia for a trip to the nearby sledding hills. They spent an hour out in the snow pretending to be Frog and Toad in the story "Winter", which mainly entailed Calvin falling off the sled repeatedly. When they came home and proceded to make a snwoman for an additional half hour, I knew the weather wasn't quite as "depth of winter" as it had been of late, but with March just a day away I wasn't about to get my hopes up for spring.

I still don't have any real hope for spring being "right around the corner" (that's more Frog and Toad, in case you're familiar), but when March arrived this year it brought with it sunshine and relative warmth. We have taken walks outside and enjoyed the sounds of birds playing in the yard. I guess it's time to get the summer feeders set up again so that our birds will be able to find us.

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