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It came and went in a haze of beautiful weather. What happened to the annual Easter snow storm? I'm still thinking that spring got confused and sent summer to descend upon us two months early. Most of our usual party suspects were out of town for the holiday this year and we missed them, but we had a great time with Gram and Grandpa (my parents), Nonnie (my Godmother, Lonnie), several brightly colored eggs, and duckcakes. This is the second year in a row that we've waited until Easter itself to decorate the eggs (nothing like waiting until the last minute) and also the second year in a row that it has been warm enough to hide and hunt for them outside, the difference being, of course, that this year the outside was much greener than last. We hunted for eggs, we grilled dinner, we ate with the house open and light, and we finished the night with duckcakes. We hope you had a wonderful Easter, too.

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