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Project 365 days 134-140

We've been so busy with both outdoor and indoor projects lately that I'm lucky I've had time to take pictures, let alone to blog about them, but here's a quick rundown: On Friday we played outside with friends after a good piano class; on Saturday we shopped at the Dexter Garden Club's plant sale in the downtown gazebo and came home with a large variety of plants; on Sunday we planted said plants and weeded, and I found a toad which I originally took for a rock; we also spent Sunday afternoon painting our fireplace wall and kitchen soffit, pictured here on Monday after it was dry (no VOC paints are fantastic, by the way); on Wednesday, after reading a cute book about a stegasaurus, I retrieved my own much-loved childhood stegasaurus friend from the basement and shared him with Calvin, and on Tuesday it looks like we just relaxed in life, but really the relaxing came between spurts of gardening activity, as do most of our summer ativities, I suppose.

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