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Piano recital the first

Calvin has been taking piano lessons for about three months now. He started back in March with group lessons coming from Mrs. Faber, Jon's boss, and has been continuing his learning at home with both of us helping him. He loves to play, and there are days when, from the kitchen while I'm making dinner, I'll hear him sit down and play a song or practice a piece that had previously been difficult for him. He has been improving and learning by leaps and bounds, so when Jon planned a summer recital for his seven studetns and Calvin was eager to participate, we saw no harm in him doing so. In fact, far from it being detrimental, the recital was a wonderful experience for him. It is, after all, one thing to hear your talented and studied father play the piano, and a whole different world to to hear and see other young and inexperienced students of varying levels perform. He played well—very well, really, not even allowing audience noise or minor errors slip him up—and we'd like to point out (because we are, after all, proud and biased parents) that he even plays one song with multiple hands and fingers going. And when it came to the other kids playing he listed with rapt attention. We could not have asked for a better first recital.

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