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Rolling Sculpture Car Show

There's always something going on during summer evenings in the Ann Arbor area and we almost never find ourselves at a loss for something to do. This Friday night it was the Rolling Sculpture car show that caught our attention. We've made a yearly tradition out of attending this one and it holds more interest for us than our trip to the Auto Show in Detroit because its focus is more on classic cars and even antiques. I actually prefer perusing a collection of model Ts over a bunch of F150s and if I'm going to enjoy a Mustang it will probably be the 64-1/2 or thereabouts.

That being said, the Ann Arbor show does have its share of newer or concept cars, like this Lingenfelter T/A, which was parked between the Mercedes AMG with the gull wing doors on one side and an Audi Spyder on the other. The T/A reminded Jon of a Transformer.

Our vote for favorite car is really up in the air. I loved the 1960s Detroit cop car that had done its duty in Precinct 14 and is now owned by a retired Ann Arbor cop. The car was in great shape, and they had the old siren and light hooked up, something that Calvinw as not much pleased about. I loved all the original paraphernalia he'd collected over the years and put on display with the car.

Check out the stretchers in the back!

We also loved this well equipped Model-T; it had its own method of meal preparation and a car phone (only one of which is in the right context, of course).

And then there was the 1961 Airstream hitched up to a 1960 Cadillac that I would just love to take for a cross country road trip. Can't you just see us cruising down route 66 in this one?

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