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Pumpkin patch

This morning it suddenly dawned on me that it is already mid-October. We have yet to get out our Halloween decorations, start making costumes, or bake anything made with pumpkin. What is going on here?? So today we got down to business. Or at least started to.

There's a farm near our house that we've visited in the fall every year for about five years now. They have pre-picked and u-pick pumpkins, plus farm animals, cider and doughnuts, fall decorations, and this year even a straw maze for the kids. They grow gigantic, misshapen pumpkin behemoths that we have no desire to set on our porch, so we never buy pumpkins from them, but we visit and enjoy their hay ride, snacks, and the general fall landscape.

But Calvin and Jon did the fall farm visit without me today because I stayed behind to watch what turned out to be a rather depressing football game. My absence may also have had something to do with the 35 mph winds in 50 degree temperatures, but I'm not letting on about that. The guys had a nice time together while I watched that oh-so-painful football game, and now the Halloween season can officially start in our house. Which means Calvin and I have two weeks to get his costume made. Here's a hint: it's going to be black and white. Guesses? It will be done in...oh, about two weeks I'd guess.

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