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Visiting history—Henry Ford Museum

My camera has two—TWO—sd card slots, but do you think either one had a memory card in it when we went to the museum today? No.

The Henry Ford Museum. At just about forty minutes from us, it's going to be a great hands-on, real-as-life tool for our U.S. history exploration. Build a mini car on a mini assembly line, build a real honest-to-goodness Model-T; design, create, and test fly your own paper air planes; climb into the cabin of a plane, the engine of a Steam train, the driver's seat of a car, even the very bus from which Rosa Parks made history; and peruse hundreds of artifacts from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries in the U.S., like the Wienermobile! I see regular field trips in our future.

And thank goodness for camera phones.

In his words:

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