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Visiting plants

We didn't make lists this morning, which is why Calvin got stuck in a math rut (not much of a rut if he's enjoying it) and I got stuck practicing the piano. I did manage the laundry, but we forgot the painting project that's half done and the science unit we were excited about trying.

We were short on time, though. Friday is our HAA (homeschool group) meeting day, but since the rec room we use was busy today we met at the local Botanical Gardens instead. It wasn't the social gathering that it usually is—in fact we barely saw anyone else—but we had a great time playing plant Bingo and the strong dose of vivid greens and moist warmth was gratifying after yesterday's snow. Jon even got a moment to join us.

Fish, ponds, lilypads, orchids, bromeliads...I had no idea a pineapple was a bromeliad.

Very frowny fish.

Big aloe.

Eek, cactus.

Pitcher plant. We've seen these on Planet Earth.

Big roots.


Pods from the sausage tree. No, really.

And then we came home and Calvin got stuck on the piano while I exercised. I showered when I was done and when I came down he was still at the piano, playing and belting out songs about Broadway. Leftovers for dinner, a little hide-and-seek, a game of Carcassonne, and that's another full day.

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