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Rainy Monday (yesterday)

I may never, in all of my life, recover from the "waking up for work on a Monday" feeling sufficiently enough to deflate the elation of waking up on a Monday and not having to go anywhere. It's been over five years now and I can still say that, and I hope I always can.

That feeling of elation is tripled when the Monday is a rainy one, because it's that kind of Monday that was specifically made for staying at home and being cozy. In fact, we swapped our pajamas for street clothes only long enough to go to the library and check on the sale room and swap some due books for some new books, then back to the pajamas.

I started the crock-pot just before lunch so that the smell would start to warm the house (vegetable soup), did two extra crosswords, and finished my new book. Calvin steadfastly alternated between math at the kitchen table and music at the piano all day. He was so happily dedicated to those spots that he finished two full sections in his math book today, and learned, almost to perfection, four new songs in his new piano book. We also colored prehistoric mammals, read books to the cat, and played mancala, watched the birds play in the soft splatters of rain on the deck.

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