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Wrapping up and getting started

With the first of many holiday weekends drawing to a close Calvin is conked out early in bed while Jon and I sit here on the couch relaxing amidst a hazard of decorations that are half up and half still in boxes or strewn around the floor. We had a whirlwind of a weekend that started with the traditional events of Thursday and Friday, and continued right into the weekend with a crazy football game, another great family dinner, more shopping, more decorating, and a local model train show.

The game was great fun. It was the last game, and thus the last tailgate, of the season, so we had a great time with good friends we won't see as often until next fall. And, after many seasons of questionable football, it was fun to finally win the big one, and even more fun to be at the game with family when we did so. I'm still hoarse today from all the yelling.

Calvin's love for trains is still going strong. We haven't been to a show in several months, but the train spread out all over the floor in our front room was evidence enough. At the show this weekend he enjoyed the HO displays, but he was also seriously intrigued by the Lego train display. We spent a lot of time there, and some more time on our own when we got home.


Tomorrow we get started on gift making and preparing the house for Sinterklaas Avond, which we'll celebrate a day early next Sunday. Plus there's swimming, there's the homeschool group gathering, there's a Christmas party at the old school promises to be a great week. Busy, but great.

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