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Lots of energy

A little science sounded good today. Lately all Calvin has wanted to do is read. Which is great. He finishes one book and moves on to the next one. He has it in his mind that he wants to read all of the Magic Tree House books in order of the series. I've been picking them up for .25 a piece when they come into the sale room at the library, and since there are 45 books in the series, he's had plenty to do as of late. Between books he grabs his backpack and notebook and tears through the house on some mission, pretending to be Jack and Annie. It's fun.

But today a little science sounded good. It's been a while since we visited the BSFU chapters and when we last left off we were talking about energy, so that's where we picked up, talking about the different forms of energy (a simplified version) and how we use them in everyday life. We had checked out a few books from the library that were nice to have, but not stellar, and mostly we had a good time chatting about how to conserve energy. Even better...coincidentally Calvin received a set of Snap Circuits from my aunt and uncle for St. Nicholas Day, and he and Jon have been going to town with it since then, so we spent quite a bit of time with that, too. It's a great set and we're really loving it.

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