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8 days: Christmas cards. Finally.

Day one of our low-key, relaxing weekend. We slept in, we ate waffles late, we ate lunch late. There was a lot of piano practicing, what the recital being tomorrow, and some baking, for the same reason. My favorite part of the day was munching popcorn and watching The Nutcracker. Calvin loved it.

Every year, about this time, as I'm putting final touches on a stack of homemade Christmas cards, I find myself swearing that next year I will start the project in July. Or at least September. I think next year I might actually do it. For this year we'll just cross our fingers and hope that everyone gets their cards before the holiday. This year the effort involved die cutting, inking, and stamping, and the cat is now red in a number places. It wasn't on purpose. Really.

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