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5 days: and counting

I remember Christmas as kid. Those last few days seemed to shimmer and vibrate with excitement. Presents piled up around the tree, the stockings were hung, school was out, joy, joy, joy. I'm sure excitement around the already riveting holiday is exacerbated by increased amounts of sugar. We've baked (and cooked) for one party or another at least once weekly since Thanksgiving.

So now that the presents are mostly bought and wrapped, the cards are out, the crafts are made, I'm trying to keep the rest of this week as normal as possible. Swimming lessons, library trips, some errands, laundry.

Calvin finished the last section of his Alpha math book today and filled out the accomplishment certificate in the back for himself. Then he asked for more. Good thing I ordered the next book.

He's still on a major Magic Tree House kick right now, his focus being on Christmas in Camelot and A Ghost Tale For Christmas, of course. He's still playing away at the piano.

And today he tackled learning how to draw reindeer, using this tutorial. I love their antlers.

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