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Dec 6—Saint Nicholas Day

We did some serious lazing around yesterday, and thanks to a lack of sleep and we also did a fair amount of cranking and avoiding chores, and even a little napping. All of which is good for the soul from time to time, but today felt wonderfully normal. No bickering, no sleepiness, and not even an ounce lazing. No chores, either, but one step at a time is good enough.

Today was actually Saint Nicholas Day—oranges and pocket change in wooden shoes by the front door. At least, that's what it means to us. And a new Christmas book and music are part of the tradition, too. We found a great L. Frank Baum book for this year—beautiful art in a picture book version, and the original chapter version for reading aloud. This year we also gave him a puzzle that we spent part of the morning assembling before some math, some geography, and the thank you notes for the gifts he received from family at our Sinterklass Avond party on Sunday.

Tomorrow is good for chores.

Of course Playmobil would make a Sinterklaas figure (and of coures Oma would find him!)—very fun.

This year's ornament.

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