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African Sky

Snow, snow, snow. More shoveling, followed by more slush. For all their promise of ice and multiple inches, though, it was clear enough for Jon to make it to work this morning, and the spotty sun had melted most of what we did get by lunchtime. We spent our morning indoors, playing on the piano and trying our hands at more Lego configurations. I like those lazy mornings. We had afternoon tickets to see Under the African Sky. Early in the week we'd started reading stories about Africa or African folk tales, and today we spent some time with the atlas and the wall map. Calvin was geeked over learning about Africa. Obviously I should have started this earlier in the week, but I didn't. We'll hit the library tomorrow for more books and information, but today we poured over what we had before leaving for the play.

Wild Swan does a fabulous job with stage performances for children—stage shows that are enjoyable for the younger set, but not dumbed down. I think next year we will become season ticket holders.

When we got home a much awaited Amazon package was on the doorstep. We ordered Qwirkle a week ago after seeing listed on so many Homeschool game lists, and we were not disappointed. It's just the right mix for an age appropriate challenge.

It feels good to be back in functioning condition again. It was good to see the sun shining, to play games, share dinner with family, and I even landed 22 new pieces of clothing for Calvin for a whopping $15 at our local resale shop's fill-a-bag event—the trick is to roll the clothes up very tightly before stacking them neatly in the bag. Works every time. This weekend we gloriously have nothing on our calendar, other than breakfast at our village diner, which is sadly closing its doors for good this weekend so it's time to say goodbye.

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