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Goodbye Lighthouse Cafe

We got up kind of early this morning, or actually not got up early but got dressed earlier than usual (for a Saturday) in order to have breakfast one last time at our local cafe.

I don't know yet what we'll do for our morning meal on book sale days when I have to be at the library before 8:30. Those were the days when we would enjoy coffee and breakfast as a family, along with all the older gentlemen who have probably been doing this for years, sitting amongst the drawings and pictures of lighthouses from around the world. The U.S.? Maybe even Michigan. I don't know, but they had lighthouses, and big fishtanks, and unlimited coffee, and pancakes no better than I could have made at home but just as laden with pecans and without the preparation or the dirty dishes to clean after. We will miss them.

We had nothing, absolutely nothing, on our schedule for this weekend, and that's exactly why we were busy all morning, not making it home (and back into our pajamas) until lunchtime. That was one breakfast and two library trips later. We came home lugging an armload of books about Africa, two videos about Africa, and the next Oz book, plus two Jim Arnosky books that we scored at the Ann Arbor Library book sale. I love that their sale is open every weekend, but visiting regularly could be a dangerous proposition.

I'm pretty sure the highlight of the day was becoming pawns in the afternoon. The pawns in chess, after all, are meant as foot soldiers or pikemen. After making shields and swords Jon and Calvin chased each other around the house while the dogs and I took refuge in the corner.

The boys played Qwirkle. Saturdays for us are a lot about soaking up daddy time.

And we watched a video of four different Anansi tales. For doing nothing it was a full and wonderful Saturday. Relaxing, enjoyable. Especially because there is a Sunday to follow it.

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Love this stuff. So glad to get more pictures than last year with the 365.
February 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermom

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