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Dark and gray

In Africa today we played Mancala, read Pinduli and Wangari's Trees, explored some traditional African music on Pandora, and cooked a (hopefully) authentic Kenyan dinner.

In our more down to earth life we finished laundry, did the gorcery shopping, and pooh poohed the weather, because while we don't mind going out in the rain, we do mind going out in the rain when the termperatures are barely above freezing. We did longingly gaze out our back window at the garden that is once again visible, though. Piano, Mammoth Hunt, and the Lego universe was formally introduced to the Playmobil group. I missed the crayons and the colors today, paints, markers, or pencils. I didn't realize until we sat down to read before bed that they'd never left their boxes today. Maybe that would have brighten an otherwise dark, gray day.

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