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No pictures

There are no pictures from yesterday. That may seem like an April Fool's joke, but unfortunately it's not. Aside from the misbehaving camera, it was a somewhat gray and dismal day, the kind that makes one wan to curl up in bed and nap. And in addition to that it was just a strange, strange day. With Jon gone over the previous five days we'd had no weekend to mark the passing of time, and since Calvin was fighting what appeared to be a cold we also missed swimming on Tuesday, and we're between sessions of story time right now, too, so no library on Thursday. I rely on those things that mark our calendar to keep us on track, and even with Jon back in town he was back at work, so yesterday as Thursday was just plain out of whack. We read, we practiced the piano, we read, we did the laundry, we read, we took a nap, we read. There was plenty of make believe and a little bit of exercise, but as a day it was rather prosaic.

So there are no pictures from yesterday, except for one that is currently stuck in my head. By the time Jon came home, after work and a piano lesson, we were all pretty blah, so we decided to do something new and different to break the monotony. We watched a movie during dinner. We sat in the sitting room, curled up on couches and chairs, and munched dinner while watching Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, starring Julie Andrews, in beautiful black and white. I'm not a fan of the Cinderella fairy tale, or really any princess stories, but there's something about a classic black and white movie that brings a certain comfort to a home. Calvin loved it, and it turned out to be the butter on top of our brussels sprouts, the ball at the end of our rather banal day.

And that, my friends, was Thursday.

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