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Broken fingers are not particularly conducive to typing, and because I now have a matching pair of these it is likely that my typing will be minimal for at least a week, if not a little longer. The doctor tells me I'm lucky because the breaks are small, but unlucky about the sprained fingers and wrist that go with them. It's a complete outfit, a fully coordinated injured hand, and since it's also my right hand, and I'm right handed, journaling, crafting, piano, it's all somewhat out the window right now. Bah.

There is a lesson to be learned in everything, though, and my incapacity generated a lengthy discussion today about handedness. Calvin had not previously noticed that he writes and draws with just one hand. He plays the piano with both hands, after all. In fact, it took an experiment to show him that not all hands are equal, a writing comparison experiment, and now that he's aware of it he's interested in rectifying the ability gap between the two. I think this is going to be fun, but don't expect me to wax poetic on the subject. You'll probably be seeing mostly pictures for a while.

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