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What homeschooling means to us

Propping the encyclopedia open with the crayons while sketching your own volcano, using The Microscope Book as support under your paper. Why not? It's kind of like the kids in the Sideways Stories books who threw the computer out the window to learn about gravity. It really does fall as fast as the pencil, they say, and the book really does work well as a desk. There is a message in there somewhere, but it will take longer than I have right now to type it all out clearly, and besides that I think most everyone will see it for themselves.

It's just that when I came downstairs from folding laundry this morning to find this happening all of its own accord, it was like seeing an illustration of the world I had imagined and sought. And then I laughed, because not only is it wonderful, it's also got its own flavor of humor. Gosh this is fun.

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