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It started with a childhood collection

I don't have a lot to say today. In part that's because we didn't do much today and generally my blog fodder comes from our daily activities. Today we got up and headed straight to the library to shelve books in the sale room before story time. Last weekend Jon introduced Calvin to his childhood collection of Nate the Great books and yesterday Calvin fell in love with them. We'd read a couple of books from the series with him before but the difference now is that he can read them to himself. That's empowering. So at the library this morning, regardless of the stack of them at home, Calvin asked to check out more of the series. We checked out five, and he read those, and some of his dad's copies, from 10am, while I shelved books, until 4pm, when I requested his help with dinner, laundry, and piano practice (with breaks only for story time and, of course, the bathroom). He's like a man with a mission—an obsession.

So we read books all day, not even together, and that doesn't make for a lot of blog fodder. A couple of times I asked Calvin to play a game with me but he politely declined, without even looking up from his book. I had lots of ideas for us today—ideas that included crayons, markers, Legos, you name it—but I'm learning to go with the flow. There will be other days for crayons, for games, for outdoor fun (and today, at fifty and rainy, definitely didn't qualify for that anyhow), and today there isn't much to talk about because we spent it inside, immersed in books and in our own thoughts. Still, that's a good day.

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What a wonderfully sweet photo! It is especially precious that he is holding a handed down book. Lovely.

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