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It is good to be home. Even piles of laundry and depressing weather cannot attenuate that feeling. And the limited backyard view, after a week of truly limitless lake views, feels strangely contenting, although I could easily be persuaded to accept the latter in exchange where a soft, sandy beach is also present. I think the homecoming has been softened by the return of rotten weather (since who wants to be on the beach when it's raining and not even fifty degrees), and by a day of undemanding schedule. Sometimes it's good to have a day that isn't calling you outside with sunshine. Those days are good for things like laundry, reading, and games. We played Carcassonne again today, and Camp and Mammoth Hunt.

We spent a lot of time with books today, returning to the Aeneid, which had been much neglected on our trip, and with some favored picture books from our shelves. And I made some headway with Shogun (because when they say epic, they mean it). Upon taking a walk through our yard in the morning we discovered signs that the oriole had returned to enjoy the oranges we left out for him, so when we were out we bought an oriole feeder. We equipped it with both orange and nectar when we got home and then ate our lunch picnic style on the floor of the playroom in hopes of catching sight of him. We didn't see him at all, but we did see the hummingbird visit his nectar feeder, along with our usual finches, red-winged blackbirds, cowbirds, sparrows, and doves at their seed feeders. We refilled the suet for our starlings and woodpeckers, but saw only the first of those two today. The bluebirds, who have been strangely absent for a few weeks, were back on our deck in the mid afternoon. Bird feeding and watching has become an important part of our daily activities. It's something I've always enjoyed, and a love that I have now passed on to Calvin. We have four several feeders in our seed front garden, where birds can perch happily without leaving gifts in our preferred play spaces, and nectar feeders on our front porch and in our nectar garden in back. Almost every morning, while I am enjoying coffee and a crossword and Jon is still getting ready for work, Calvin will tiptoe from the front window to give me a "feeder attendance call" for the day. I expect those now as much as I expect bad news in my New York Times updates.

I have no pictures of birds from today. Sometimes it's fun to just sit and watch them. But around noon, as we came out of our library, we were treated to the only blue sky moment of our otherwise gloomy day. A helpful five minutes, since I had been charged with capturing a good photo for the new library brochure. This is one of the fifty I grabbed while there today.

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