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Frost warning in effect

I cannot keep talking about the disappointing weather, about the gray skies falling far short of a spring awakening. I cannot dwell on the late blooming of our flowers and the prolonged season of indoor amusements. There are only so many indoor amusements, you see. So I won't keep dwelling on them, but will put on extra layers and venture into the unwelcoming outdoors anyhow. So there. We have edged and cleaned up two of our garden areas so far, as well as watering the new trees. Now I hear that there is a frost warning for tonight, the third night of May, mind you, but I won't dwell on it. I'll just worry a bit about my flora. The sun was a visitor today, though, a relative novelty as far as things go, and that always adds to a day's enjoyment.

Yesterday morning Calvin announced to me that he wanted to learn about ancient Rome. I think I've been waiting for this for a while, longer than I've been waiting for the Dinosaur inquisition that never came. He is interested in ancient Rome, in part because of Pompeii (the volcano kick is still alive and well), and in part because my parents just came back form their Spain trip with stories of the Roman ruins they visited there. As soon as he mentioned this new interest we broke out the encyclopedia and I asked him what more he wanted to know. Then we started reading the Aeneid for Boys and Girls and today we picked up the appropriate Magic Treehouse books when we were out running errands (have I mentioned how much I love the 25% discount homeschoolers get from Borders?). And that's the road we are following at this moment while we wait for spring to actually show up in full regalia.

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