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Spring piano recital

It feels like I haven't had much to say lately. Mostly it's because of utter exhaustion—our days have been very full, what with a birthday and all—so that at the end of the day my mind is fried and I'm not thinking in terms of journal entries or blog posts. I'm lucky if I can spell out our names and get the date right. And the thing about busy days is that they produce no less laundry and require no fewer meals.

Last week was the birthday, Saturday was the party, and Sunday was the spring/summer piano recital for Jon's students, Calvin included. The recital went well. It is a real joy to see how much Calvin has grown at the piano over the past year. Just a year ago he was picking out quarter notes with one finger. I've felt torn in the past about both the formal study of piano and the recitals, something I think I've mentioned before, but I hesitate only because I don't want piano (or any learning for that matter) to become so goal oriented that the enjoyment of the process or the ability to self fulfill gets lost. This has not been an issue in our experience thus far, though, and I am not going to look for trouble where none is to be found. Calvin really enjoys the challenge of the piano. He needs little encouragement to practice every day, and, following his regular pattern, does most of his practicing entirely on his own. And the results really are enjoyable for all of us, especially since the process is equally so.

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