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That someday may never come

We have been busy lately, but mostly under the radar since I've been tired at night and haven't the energy to go through the pictures and edit them, and then to write and post here. From birthday Legos to birthday books Calvin has been as busy as busy can be, and that's a good thing while I sort and price and sort some more. I'm so far behind that it's Thursday and I have things yet to share about Monday. That's the old blogging me, not the new blogging me. I will be so, so glad when this garage sale is over.

Our week at a glance: lots of sorting and cleaning out, a science experiment about acids and bases, the final swimming lesson of the spring session, beautiful weather with warm (but not too warm!) sunny days and cool (but not too cool!) breezy nights, new recipes (which will be blogged later), a very first library card and a mommy-made library bag to go with it, and a return to volcanoes.

For a good time compare the shot below to this one from 2009

Eye protection for the win...

I can't get over the fact that it looks like these cute little owls are afraid of my iron...

There are many, many more things I want to say. The experiments were great fun, and I'll get to them on Live and Learn in a day or so. We have more books to review. There are other thoughts I have to share, too, about motherhood, about growing up, about learning. Tomorrow is the first of the two days of the sale, and my intention is for things to slow down after that and then I'll share all those thoughts. Sound good? It does to me. Some day I'll be caught up, if someday ever comes.

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