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Weekend fun—Father's Day edition

The garage sale is over and life can return to its normal fast pace. When the sale ended yesterday we were surprisingly left with only three small boxes of leftovers, one of which went to the basement, for sentimental or practical purposes, while the other two were eventually spread between a handful of Freecycle users. And the guest room at our house now actually has a bed in it—a real bed not a sofa bed—so people should come visit us now (but not too often if you want me to get any sewing done in there).

A weekend should be full of fun and adventrue so yesterday, at Calvin's request, he and his dad started another science experiment, this one about bacteria and fungi. I watched the boys swab Ollie's mouth and Calvin's mouth during a break in garage sale doings. That's an experiment that will take all week and we'll be visiting our growing friends every day.

And this weekend we celebrate dads everywhere. I should have something more profound to say about dads and father's day because I've been fortunate in my lifetime to be surrounded by men who are wonderful fathers, but I just hope they all know how very beautiful that role is in life, and how very important. My own dad is in Chicago and Jon's was busy as well so it ended up being a (delightful) party of just the three of us. A party of three that moved furniture, weeded gardens, played in the sprinkler, blew bubbles, and had a camping style dinner. With the fire pit finished and no need to drag it all out to the driveway every time we use it, I think we'll be enjoying fires more often. Tonight we roasted sausages, apples, and carrots for dinner, then finished it off with s'mores. Then we watched the birds play in the newly weeded garden while we waited for the bats to come out, and enjoyed a bedtime story by the fire as well.

And that brings our weekend to a close. It felt long, and we accomplished much. That's the best kind of weekend. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

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