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Monday...gone in a flash

We got up for swimming, we sorted books at the library, we attended drop in story time, we played Carcassonne, we watered the trees, we ate popcorn on the porch while reading books, Calvin played a lot by himself, because that's what he wanted to do, we ate dinner on the porch while watching the birds, and just like that Monday was gone. When days fly by at that speed there just isn't that much to write about. My little boy triumphantly filled out his book sheet for the summer reading program, and came home with a plastic zebra I think we could have done without but which now has a name and shares a close affection with the other favored animals of the moment. That was neat, zebra notwithstanding. And so was the moment after all that alone playtime he'd asked for when he showed me the blacksmith hut he'd made to go with the Lego Windmill. He'd fashioned it, out of the barn that usually goes with the windmill, after the blacksmith's shop next to the windmill at the farm we visited for Log Cabin Weekend.

During dinner the male hummingbird came and sat in our very expensive bird perch, as Calvin and Jon call our biggest tree. I've seen the hummers land briefly on the feeder before, and even in our bush out front, but never in spot so exposed as this. He even stayed there long enough for me to sneak into the house for the camera. Just look at what the sun does to that ruby throat. And while you're at it, just look at the new growth on the branch ends of our tree. It looks like he might make it after all.

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Reader Comments (2)

thanks for stopping by my blog! You have some great pics here!
Yeah I get a lot of my book choices from the sonlight reading lists (from, I do not use their curriculum, but I love that they pull books from award winners and classics, many of which I have not read myself, so I am excited to read them too! :D Stop by again sometime! :D
June 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer Altman
Good morning. It is so wonderful to be able to be away and still feel in touch with you through these postings.

Good job, Honey.
June 28, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermom

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