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Yesterday, while Calvin enjoyed the air conditioning at his Gram and Grampa's house, Jon and I made it to the Art Fair for its last couple of hours this year. Though we missed our usual rendezvous with family on the opening day of the fair (because we were up north enjoying cooler temperatures) we couldn't let the year go by with walking through street upon street of booths.

While we were downtown we also made it to the downtown Border's store—the flagship store. Borders started here about forty years ago and though it hasn't been the family owned company it once was for the last twenty of those years, it is still looked at as a part of our community. It has been a part of our downtown longer than anyone else's, and it will be missed. I am torn when it comes to the debate on physical books versus e-books. I understand that e-books are an ecological plus, but I love the feel of a book in my hand—the smell of the paper, the softness of the pages and the way their weight shifts as I turn them. Reaching the end of an e-book has never been as fulfilling to me as turning the last physical page of a novel and plopping it down in front of me with a sigh upon finishing it. And you can't loan an e-book to a friend, or donate it to the library. Have I mentioned that we buy most of our books used? Maybe I'll have to set a new rule for myself—if I can't buy it used, buy it as an e-book, but oh how I will miss dog-eared pages, notes in the margins, and sharing with family and friends.

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