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Winning pizza

So Antarctica it is these days.

He spent the better part of the morning in the kitchen with Play-Doh, molding away before proudly presenting me with his three dimensional map of Antarctica. And all I know how to do is roll out snakes. But he asked me to help him make an ice cave and inhabitants, so while he made the cave I attempted a penguin.

I think both turned out nicely.

After molding the various land forms and plant and animal life of that forbidding continent out of the much less cold dough, we went to the library to pick up some more books and videos on the subject. When we walked in the librarians, who are always happy to see Calvin, since we live in a small town and practically at the library, were completely ecstatic. Turns out, the kid won one of the prizes in the summer reading program drawing and they were just thrilled to give it to him. This is the program I'd been reluctant to let him sign up for, and here he's won a gift card to the local pizza shop, and that will mean pizza dinner, no need to cook, on one night of his choosing. Mmmm..I fully admit that sometimes I am wrong.

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