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Graceful gardens for galavanting

Sometimes, right around the corner, there is a beautiful world just awaiting discovery. I am fully aware that, where we live, we are surrounded by such places that we most definitely should be visiting, and yet somehow we never quite stop in. This is not due to lack of interest, nor to laziness. I think the real culprit is forgetfulness. And I'm sure I'm not the first person to have said "I always forget that's so close" when reminded of things like the historic park to the west of us or the botanical gardens to the east.

It was a friend who suggested the botanical gardens as a place for us to meet with our kids today, and thankfully the palm slap I gave to my head didn't keep us from joining them there. The botanical gardens? Well duh. They've been just 15 minutes away this whole time, but today was our first visit.

Gardens are peaceful and calming

and we love trees and flowers and the bugs that love them.

And then there's the children's garden for running

and getting lost in mazes

and trying out instruments

and teamwork for building

and creating fairy houses

and splashing in water.

Gardens are peaceful and exhilarating and full of a living energy that transfers to all life around them, and if I can remember to do so, we'll be back again in the not-so-distant future.

More on the Matthaei Botanical Gardens

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