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Just Tuesday

There is a cold in the house. It is trying to ruin my best laid plans for staying healthy in January. We have big doings on the burner for January and can't afford to be sick. Still, there is a cold in the house, ignoring my restraining order, making me bust out the chicken soup, the early bed times, the extra fluids, the naps in the afternoons.

The good news is that this was the first day in weeks that we've been just home. We slept in a little, we did two weeks worth of laundry, we went the homemade route with the chicken soup. There was another section in math, the last of the thank-you notes to write, and we drove trains around the Lego city in our play room. There was Star Wars on the piano. I introduced Calvin to the Wii today with Wii Fit Plus, and we revisited our favorite British Doctor with a couple episodes of The Human Journey. We played a cooperative game of Set (and we might be getting the hang of it). There was art. A lot of art. And there was a lot of just plain enjoying each other.

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