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Life gets in the way

I haven't done a good job of keeping up here lately. The holidays always slow things down for me and we've had a number of things going on here that have kept me from getting back into the true swing of things. I still find that laundry is piling up, dinners are haphazard, and most of our days have been rather willy-nilly. I'm even forgetting to take pictures at all some days.

Still, life continues. Calvin has started theater class in Fridays through our homeschooling group (HAA) and was given a speaking part in they play. He has continued swimming lessons on Wednesdays and is really enjoying them. His current "thing" is still reading (almost every spare moment), with a side of Legos. He is now plowing through the Math-U-See Beta book, but we have stalled a bit on our tour through science. History is still a bright spot, though.

Today we effectively closed our survey of human migration and our foray into the rise of civilizations has begun. Calvin is seriously geeked about checking out early American civilizations, and I can't blame him. We picked up a few great books at sales this past weekend and are ready to decipher the Mayan code, etc., etc.

I get new glasses tomorrow, and we are in the process of packing for a big trip. The biggest Calvin has been on yet because it requires an airplane. So there are a lot of items on our to-do list for this week, all of them with a rather happy end goal.

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