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Brookfield Zoo

Like the Field Museum, the Brookfield Zoo has become one of our favorite Chicago stops. They have okapis, need I say more? With temperatures in the low to mid sixties we had the perfect weather, and so did the animals, which means we got to see more of them, and see more of them doing stuff, like the polar bear playing with his ball. We ate bison burgers, we pet stingrays, we gave a wide berth to a giant animatronic wasp. Desert animals, African animals, Australian animals, and us animals.

After the zoo we went out for a birthday dinner at favorite Italian spot, and tomorrow it will be time to head home and get back to life as usual. October means so many lovely fall things. Jon is already begging for pumpkin cheesecake, and we have to visit our own zoo again in these cooler, delightful days. Classes have started up at HAA, Hallowe'en Nights is up at Henry Ford, and Halloween is just around the corner. I guess the first thing on our list for this week should be decorating. Right after laundry, that is.

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