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Feb112012's the new Halloween

Who knew. Being members now of our local homeschooling group we have greatly enjoyed participating in the party rites of passage. First the Halloween party, then the holiday party, and now the Valentines party. I spent about a week planning different cards we could make by hand until, with several other things going on, I was forced to admit that we are free-time challenged. So yesterday we went shopping for cards, but that just served to make me lament our lack of crafting time even more. Calvin didn't really want to give cards with message like "you've been running through my mind" or "you make my heart go crazy", so we bought the simplest of the cards, which happened to be Disney's traditional characters saying things like "you're on the the right track, valentine" or a simple "happy Valentines Day".

And then, just like birthdays with their newly overflowing favor bags, Valentines Day is no longer about class cupcakes and simple cards, it's about the favors attached to said cards. I'm blown away, and that makes me feel old. Calvin opted for cute little heart erasers in Valentines colors, which I attached to the cards with a dab of hot glue. And with the ordeal of preparation over (not so much an ordeal since he loved every minute of it), we joined our group for an afternoon of cookie decorating, bingo playing, and card exchanging. We renewed our Halloween candy offer and even after keeping two pieces Calvin made $5 selling the rest to us.

It was fun.

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