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still awake

Calvin had to stay up late on Sunday night so he could have a sleep deprivation study done on Monday morning. When I say late I mean that we didn't go to bed—any of us—until almost 1am, and when I say sleep deprivation I mean that we all got up four hours later. We probably should have done it in shifts (Jon and I), but there's something about having company to make those moments less exhausting that kept us both hanging on.

The rough thing about staying up late—really late—with a five year old isn't so much the being tired and the longing for your pillow, it's the having to entertain for five hours more than usual on top of being tired. We stretched the time with books, then Legos, and then popped popcorn and watched The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. He was pretty bleary eyed when we finally tucked him into bed, and when I woke him up four hours later, he said "oh, is it morning already?" and I knew exactly what he meant.

After getting up at 5am we got home from the test at 9:30 and it felt like lunch time. We ate a second breakfast (how often does that get to happen?), we both practiced the piano, and then we relaxed with books for a while before putting on another Legacy video (this is where Netflix is really quite handy).

Then at lunch time it felt like dinner time. I think we were both beyond naps so we took Iris out for a walk to liven things up a bit. Back at home we changed into warm, comfy clothes, steeped tea, and planted ourselves in the sunshine on the den floor with some history books and art supplies per Calvin's request.  We spent some time with a new book, Archaeology for Kids, but mainly we just drew and colored.

Then at dinner time it felt like bed time, and after a day like that it really was, so we ate, we read, and we fell into bed.

Did I mention that he spent the whole day dressed as Pooh?

This is the reason I have never been sorry that I gave in and bought the Pooh costume way back when.

And this is the reason the window seat is always covered.

And this is the reason I am happy with what I do.

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