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Monday for us is a waking up slowly day, and a book day, and an art day. Sometimes it's a store day, or a vacuuming day, or a hike day. It's sort of a catch-up day and a do-whatever-you-feel-like day. After the excitement of yesterday, our today was enjoyably a very slow and lazy day.

The Enormous Egg

We started with books. Actually we spent a couple of hours on books before we graduated to some journal writing. At some point I got on the treadmill while Calvin researched Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. I did manage three loads of laundry, and we made it to the library to do some work in the sorting room before taking a brisk walk with Iris out in the rather frigid wind.

Tea and piano and more books, and then Calvin disappeared into his office, and as with all good creators I know better than to disturb him when he shuts himself in. We even delayed dinner, he was so busy, but I did get invited in to see the book he was working on—a book about Pooh and his friends. He plans to finish it tomorrow.

So even a lazy, quiet day can produce items of great beauty and significance.

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