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Getting a little help

Iris has been with us for three wonderful weeks now and we have loved every minute. They've been productive weeks, too: She no longer surfs the counters for food and willingly (or at least obediently) stays in the family room while we sit in the kitchen and eat, she no longer yanks and pulls at the leash when we're out for walks, and for the most part she goes straight to her own bed at night without even trying to jump in with us. She has most certainly made life interesting as of late.

We love Moose and Ollie, too, of course. The difference being that Moose and Ollie are both twelve years old and are perfectly happy to sleep all day and hardly notice that we are here. Iris, on the other hand, is active and playful. She wants to be right in the middle of whatever it is you are doing. She especially loves to try and get in my lap while I'm playing the piano, and crowds into Calvin's space whenever he is on the floor researching, coloring, or reading. She likes to eat your ears. She likes to make you retrieve the ball after she chases it. She's exactly what we needed around here, especially on these dreary late winter days.

Plus, because she needs so much exercise, we've been spending way more time outside than we used to at this time of year, which is great for everyone. And because Dalmatians were originally coach dogs (bred to run alongside a coach for long distances), I've started to train her to run with me. So, as much as I hate the cold, I'm actually back outside running a little, which is great because the treadmill just isn't motivating.

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