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A second installment

Yesterday was warm and rainy. It brought our first thunderstorm of the year and greened things up a bit in the process. It was the kind of rainy that makes you want to stay cuddled in bed in the morning, but in a good, sleepy kind of way. The kind of rainy day that stirs creativity, and begs for long reading sessions. Calvin spent it creating cuneiform tablets and a cylinder seal, re-reading the My Father's Dragon series and writing a second installment to his journal on the books, playing piano, coloring, and watching out the front window for the return of our song birds—they are always thick this time of year and one of our favorite pastimes is watching them. Today we were rewarded with what we believe was an indigo blue bunting on the feeder. Oh, and our bluebirds are back in the backyard, and the mama robin back under the deck.

And the cutest update to a journal entry ever...


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