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With spring comes rebirth, renewal, a fresh start. We could some of that right now. Eighty degrees makes this an unusual spring, and all the sun and bright blue sky makes it almost possible to forget the losses and vulnerability that have shadowed the past week.

So we begin again. We spent three days helping with tornado cleanup, and another helping at the donations center. The weather has helped immensely. There's been no rain since the storm last week, and a gentle breeze has started to dry things out a bit, and given people a chance to sort things out. Calvin has taken both the tornado and the loss of Moose in the kind of stride that only youth can exhibit. It has encouraged me to put away my own sorrow and move forward.

We've had our windows open, and we're exploring like we always do. Math, science, art, piano, history, and whatever comes our way. We've worn out our welcome in Mesopotamia, so Calvin drew a few pictures and closed the case today before we watched a video, (Egypt: Engineering an Empire) to start us off in Egypt. I suspect we'll spend a lot of time there. I have a few things to catch up on blog wise—some art to share, some book reviews, and another list or two of learning tools—and I'll get to them just as soon as I remember how to breath properly.

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