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Having lost more of our butterflies (see the note I added to the bottom of my last post for details, as it's not something I feel like dwelling on further), it has been a refreshing reminder of the continuity of life to see babies upon babies around our house as of late.

The second brood of robins has left the nest under our deck, spotted little things hopping around our yard while their mamma chirps worriedly. The swan pair lead a line of six cygnets through our yard, travelling from ponds at the back to ponds at the front of our neighborhood as they do every year. Butterflies of many distinctions are flitting about our flowers, and someone other than us is eating our vegetables.

The plants are thriving as well. The butterfly garden is more lush and full every year. We have mushrooms in the lawn, and even the yuccas are blooming this year!

All of this life, even the parasites and garden thieves, has been fortuitous. Not only does its continuance lift our spirits, but Calvin and I have been talking about energy, life cycles, and the difference between the plant and animal kingdoms, and being able to witness these things as we speak is a wonderful treat. Yesterday, after a balmy morning, it stormed in the early afternoon. While it was storming we sat inside. Calvin read about weather and created a book about the animal and plant kingdoms while I wrote a book review. When the sun was back out and drying the world, we emerged to look at the change the cooling rain had made, from greening grass to newly emerging mushrooms. Refreshing. It's when things come together like that homeschooling feels like a breeze.

Calvin's book. For some reason the colors just didn't come through in the scan, but you get the idea.


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