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Family weekend

We had a weekend full of rare and exciting family visits. A cousin coming from Europe, visiting in the Ann Arbor area with a new baby, and a cousin from the west coast, visiting my favorite northern lower Michigan location. Opposite sides of my family, and a state's drive apart, and every minute of travel and planning worth the memories recalled and created in the moments spent together.

Gathering the children of the next generation to see them gab, and roll, and romp, and play was a joyous experience on Saturday night. I believe I remember some of the same antics from our own youthful past.

Up north we gathered in the kitchen for the preparations of traditional food, and then around the table to eat it, of course. This trip also means hunting for alien slugs (green pinecones) in the yard, driving to Mackinaw City for fried perch at the Key Hole Bar, playing miniature golf (with a duck), communing with the wildlife, and making a tree suspicious.

And now in Calvin's words...

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