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Rolling Sculptures

It's a tradition. This year we started with a family dinner at Jolly Pumpkin (of course), and enjoyed the cars in the cooler hours of the evening, closing down the show at nine. Calvin's focus this year was on hood ornaments, and he was drawn to every open hood, looking to see how clean the engine was, and sometimes trying to identify the type of engine. He's very good at identifying V engines, and even once found an in-line engine. He got to sit in one car, and check out the crank and the woodwork on a really old one.

Jolly Pumpkin

Obligatory happy car shot

Airplane hood ornament

A not so cowardly lion hood ornament

Calvin's favorite car of the night


Winged helmet hood ornament

Flying lady hood ornament


Knight of the round table trunk ornament

Attacked by the ice in his glass

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