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Different every time

Another heat wave has hit the area. We are under an excessive heat warning that will last until at least tomorrow night, and we have turned our air on for the second time since we've been in this house. Thankfully it's working well.

Mainly we've been beating the heat by being inside. Calvin is taking a jump start swimming program at his swim school, so he has lessons every day this week, bright and early. At home today we did a lot of reading, resting, and drinking of fluids, and also did a stint running through the sprinkler, just to be outside for even a few minutes. It was 99 degrees.

Yesterday, when the high was only 92, before the heat descended, we headed back to the zoo to make sure Jon got to see the zoo babies before they got too big and lazy. The otters obliged, but the bears were between romping times when we were in that area of the zoo, and were still wisely napping in the shade the second time we tried. We did see the baby camel, though, and the baby chimp, and a polar bear blowing bubbles, an anteater trying to nap while his brother harassed him, and a baby robin taking a bath in the mister. And the carousel was back up and running. You see, the zoo is different every time. I will say, though, that my favorite time at the zoo is either spring or fall, when the temperatures are cooler and the animals more obliging.

Otter pups again

A bearded something, or a black beaded lizard, or possibly one of each

pig-nosed turtle

watching for alligators who were too smart and stayed under water where it was cool

polar bear blowing bubbles

Riding a Humboldt penguin

nudge, nudge, he's bored

Taking a bath. Some of the sweetest sights are not on the zoo map.

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