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On a Wednesday

Upon taking up homeschooling I was forewarned by many of our peers that the biggest danger is over scheduling. One might think that homeschooling meant staying at home, but I assure you, this is far from the truth. Not only do we run all the standard errands, but we tend to make good use of local activity spots, and there is almost no end to the programs now available to homeschoolers. How about a day at the museum? The zoo? The botanical gardens? Need music lessons? Want to go to a theater shows? How about science classes at the local homeschooling coop? Swimming? And that's on top of the store, the bank, the recycling center, and all the other standard errand stops.

So it can be an effort not to over-book. Calvin has weekly swimming lessons, and we volunteer at our library at least twice a week. We try to keep our errands down to once a week, and we meet with our homeschooling group once a week. Even condensing some of those activities into the same day, we are out and about at least three days out of a five day week (the weekend being a whole different animal), and that's not counting days that we decide to spend enjoying some of our favorite haunts, like Henry Ford or the Detroit Zoo. So homeschooling is not a lonely or isolating activity by any means. On the other hand, it does allow the occasional weekday spent entirely in pajamas.

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