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What did Monday look like?

Awaking to the delicious smell of whole grain waffles thanks to an awesome father/husband (another big checkmark on our resolutions list: finding healthier breakfast solutions than our usual bagel and cream cheese).

Calvin practicing piano at 8:30 in the morning with songs like Ain't it Great to be Crazy? (definitely not before coffee).

A first thing-in-the-morning trip to the library so that I could put out a few proverbial fires raging in the sale room while Calvin did math and spelling worksheets.

Wine bottles and science! The Vacuvin wine saver and an empty bottle, a balloon, a glass of water and a straw, and a vacuum were all we needed for a lengthy discussion about air pressure and vacuums ("think of you, daddy, and me floating around this room bumping into things, then think of the three of us crammed in a closet trying to float around? Which situation is under higher pressure?").

Sentence diagramming. Strangely enough, he loves it.

After lunch it was off to gymnastics, the private homeschooling class version with friends (and the solution to the gymnastics issue? He has opted to switch his second class from the Wednesday melee to the Thursday private class filled with more homeschooling kids—it was a no-brainer when the instructor told him how many of his friends from HAA were in that class as well).

Back home Calvin cuddled under a blanket and lost himself in Greek myths. I went for a run, then spent the next ten minutes trying to regain feeling in my fingers. I knew winter would be back.

Tea, scones, and some photography practice—playing around with ISO (I have the greatest, and most inquisitive, model in the world, but it occurs to me to wonder what we did before the age of digital?).

ISO in order: 250, 400, 2000, 6400, 12800, and 25600

Then we made pizza together, and ate pizza together, and read aloud together from The Two Towers, because after work there's always together time.

And that's what Monday looked like. It's a cool job, isn't it?

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