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Notes from the homeschooling desk (1/31)

We were supposed to drive into Detroit today to enjoy a performance by the Dance Theater of Harlem, but we awoke to a world of swirling white that urged us—all of us—to remain snug within the safety of our own home. I am so grateful for the winter weather that we have been enjoying, including, and mabye especially because of, all these frigid, frigid days and the trickling amounts of snow that demand multiple shovelings a day. I am thankful for this weather even when it keeps us home, maybe doubly so when it does.

So no field trip blog today, just a peek at some wonderful day-to-day stuff, the kind of stuff we do when we are staying snug within the safety of our own walls.

A math note from my birthday, proving that math can be both life-relevant and fun



The crafts are brought to you today by Labco (whatever that is)...

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