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Knock my socks off

Friends and family members travel many miles during the holiday season, gathering together as though no time has passed between visits, yet spending hours catching up on all that has been missed over the past week, month, year, even more. There was an eight day stretch last week when we were either out of the house or hosting a party under our own roof every night. Then we left town.

Our travels were mostly local, though, except for the trip north, and today we hopped in the car for a day trip to the west side of the state to see friends who had travelled all the way from the west side of the country. Not exactly meeting in the middle, not even in terms of time spent en route, but we did what we could.

The joy at seeing friends, the type of people who you can not have spoken to for months, even a year, and pick up right where you left off, is always immeasurable. But the joy at having both those friends and snow for a holiday visit? Well knock my socks off.

These are good times.

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