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A first race

Last spring it was his first soccer team, and now it's his first race. We've been running together. Our neighborhood has a one mile outer loop that has been perfect for starting out. I found that to be true when I restarted my hobby after Calvin was born, jogging that pushing an increasingly heavy toddler in front of me. The first time I went out without the baby in the stroller I found myself running an unexpected pace and feeling surprising light. And now, here I am taking that same short path with that same toddler running along beside me, not so much a toddler anymore. Strangely, it doesn't feel poignant, only fun.

So we prepared together through the past few months, slowly adding distance and cutting time, until we were ready and the day for his first race was here. I had, foolishly, expected it to be warmer. Last year I was swealtering at the finish and wishing I had worn shorts. This year we were huddled in the warming tent before starting, but the weather failed to deter us or our cheering section. Calvin finished his first 1 mile race in a respectful 10:13, and I finished my first 3K of the year (a little late, I know) in a pleasing ~27:30. 

And then we joined our cheering section at Aubrey's for pizza.

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