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{Field trip} Lego Architecture Exhibit at The Henry Ford

We've known about the Lego Architecture exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum for more than three months now, but first the holiday season and then a variety of other things conspired to keep us away. That, and we kept forgetting. But sometimes procrastination can work in our favor, and after putting it off until the very last weekend, we ended up seeing the exhibit on the only day that the designer himself was actually there to lead tours, answer questions, and give autographs. The designer was fascinating, and we learned a lot about his process, and Lego's process as well. Plus he took the time to chat a bit with Calvin, as we were the last people in line for autographs. It wasn't as busy as I thought it might be, and the exhibit was inspiring. Plus, for all of the times that Calvin and I have been there over the past couple of years, Jon had never been to the museumeven once, so this was our chance to show him around.

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